Staying In Your Shopping Lane

Gucci Meets Target.

Not everyone has money to rock bloody shoes and  YSL bags, let alone, all in one outfit.  That’s okay!  Style has nothing to do with brands and absolutely everything to do with the proper assortment of personality pieces.  Can you coordinate?  So you crave Gucci, no judgment over here.  Personally, I love my Gucci bag that I received as a gift.  Yep, this was a gift.  Thanks, baby!  It is so important to stay within your means.  Regardless of what is on that price tag, everyone can afford to style themselves accordingly without having to swipe a credit card.  You can do you on a budget.  Gucci, meet Target.  I simply introduced her (Gucci bag) to Target (my new Andeawy heels).  Yep, these adorable heels were under $40.  I say they hit it off pretty well, for my taste at least.

Be Your Own Stylist

Instagram is a great platform for inspiration, but a terrible temptation to feel inadequate.  Check yourself.  Identify what you can afford.  See something you like?  Save up to purchase it!  Until then, be okay with knowing that there are so many affordable shopping solutions.  This is why I love Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, and F21 (on a good day… pretty soon I will have to retire the store I adore for low-prices as I climb my 20s ladder).  You heard me correctly, Ross! I find the cutest dresses that I often pair with my Valentinos.  No shame!  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Let your closet be a representation of you and your good financial sense.  You can put on anything and make it cute.  Just remember, your clothes are the accessory to your personality and not the other way around.  Happy shopping!

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