All Things Fall

My, how the seasons are changing.

There is something special about the fall season.  Could it be the beautiful leaves blowing past you as you walk down the street, the cozy scarves and blankets that we so eagerly want to wrap ourselves in, or the fact that Christmas is one day closer?  Yes, I skipped over Thanksgiving and have a Christmas obsession. Temperatures are quickly dropping and although it is still technically summer, department stores have given a clear indication that we might as well welcome in the new season now!

Cozy decor.

Have you ever considered playing dress up with your home?  This is where you reside and you deserve to walk into an inviting space that you can call your own.  I have found that playing seasonal dress up with accent pieces keeps the place I call home refreshing and festive.  Not sure where to begin?  One answer, HomeGoods.  HomeGoods is by far my favorite place to shop for decorative home and office pieces.  Keep your space breathing and create an environment that feels good to your soul.  There are so many options that cater to various styles.  This little pumpkin just made it home a few days ago and sets the perfect tone for a peaceful home filled with gratitude.  I am currently in love with minimalist and neutral decor.  What works for you?

Let’s talk fashion.

This is seriously why I live for fall.  It is all about scarves and boots.  I still recall finding these adorable booties on sale a few months ago for $10.81 and have been itching to wear them ever since!  Booties are a staple this time of the year and when you find a color, height, and texture that speaks to your core, you have found a winning pair.  As for me, I cannot seem to get enough of these Steve Madden Gaze booties in the color brown velvet.  If you have not done so already, treat yourself to a pair of boots that will keep you cozy.  Whether the boots have a heel or not, are leather, velvet, or are designed with fur, do not hold back from letting your personality shine through.  Mine can be complex at times, therefore I must have many pairs.  What’s your excuse?  Happy shopping and cheers to embracing all things fall!

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